Report to DCF regarding the daughters of Christine Billis

Thank for listening to my long-winded story yesterday. Here are some points I'd like to highlight to help you investigate things properly to determine which of the family members may be the best to take placement of the girls, or if they would be best off placed with me as the girls preferred since the beginning.
  • Chrissy kept the house in deplorable condition...This depressed Corrina to the point of apathy, and she gave up on trying to clean up after her mother, and manage a house in between trying to manage a teen-aged social life, school, church activities, homework, and her many creative projects.
  • Chrissy let it get to the point that there was dog shit all over the floor, like six to twelve piles at any given time, dirty laundry covered the bathroom floor, food was rotting in the fridge and all over the counters, and the girls were constantly getting "stomach bugs" which were really cases of food poisoning...about twice a month.
  • Chrissy has never really worked, and is a self proclaimed "lazy bitch" and only cleans her house in preparation for one of her Internet sex buddies to come over, one of whom, was having sex with her one day, in the living room. Corrina had stayed home from school that day, came down the stairs, and got an eye-full. Gross! They casually said "hello" to her and laughed it off.
  • Chrissy is always broke because by my estimates, from her bank records and my knowledge of her expenses, she is spending $700-$800 per month on pills, weed, cigarettes, and an exercise machine. The power and/or Internet is always getting shut off. She hasn't paid for gas for the stove since running out months ago. In October of 2010, we came back from our trip to CT and RI to no heat, no electric and no water. The girls had to stay with Chrissy's mother that night.
  • Marilynn, Chrissy's mother was aware of these circumstances to a great degree. She didn't step in. She didn't help out. I asked Chrissy why she and her mother didn't "pool their resources" and live together and take care of the girls. Chrissy told me that would be impossible.
  • I understand that Marilynn has struggled with mental illness. She is a sweet lady as far as I can tell, and Chrissy is definitely a bully, who doesn't tolerate criticism even when it's due. However, Marilynn failed to get help for her grand daughters by at least reporting to your agency the neglect these girls were suffering.
  • Chrissy told Marilynn that she confessed to murdering Charlie, and would be making me guardian when she had to face the charges. Marilynn was okay with that from what Chrissy told me. Marilynn and her friend Jan indicated to me that they were very happy that I had stepped in to take care of the girls until the courts would decide where they should be placed.
  • I initially expected to be guardian temporarily, until I started to find out that none of the blood relatives seem well suited to care for them properly. Chrissy and the girls told me this, however, I didn't completely believe it until I saw for myself.
  • Marilynn, Chrissy, or anyone else who may have known, bothered to tell the girls that Chrissy was taking responsibility for killing their father intentionally. They left that task in my lap. I was the one who had to break the news to the girls, so they wouldn't have to hear it from their friends after it had been on TV.
  • Paul sends $60 per month allowance to his grand daughters, and seems to have a good relationship with the girls, however, Corrina said that although she loves him, I am the most responsible adult in her life right now. Like Paul, I am not a rich guy, but I spent about $200 per month on traveling to Newport about twice a month for almost a year, buying food, paying for certain things like Corrina's year book, halloween costumes, etc, and I spent many hours cleaning that sty as best I could.
  • When Chrissy went into custody, I spent an entire week, on about seven hours sleep, moving them into the apartment on South St. Because the girls had just been hit with the news, I couldn't make them work along side me, moving. I let them spend time with their friends, or play on the computer while I worked hard. Paul, Marilynn and Brandi did nothing to help with that.
  • I scrubbed and disinfected all the furniture, and set it all up in the apartment on South Street. Paul took the key from me whe he came with the Hinesburg police to take the girls out of my custody. Now he is staying in the apartment.
  • When I suggested to Paul that he come and stay in Vermont and we get a place together, pooling our resources to take care of the girls, and setting up a child-safe, two adult system like the VIRTUS training I've completed recommends, with the Grandmother close by making it that much easier, he acted like he liked the idea, then next thing I know....
  • I caught Paul collaborating with two of Chrissy's drug dealers who were threatening me. (I'll post the threatening correspondence at the bottom of this, and explain it if need be) I told Corrina, via text "I just found out that your Pappa is in cahoots with two of your mother's drug dealers." She responded "I've known that since I was seven"
  • Brandi and Corrina do not get along. Brandie upbraided her publicly on facebook, and has recently removed her comments that were hurtful to her little sister, after some other friends voiced their disgust with what she said. She criticized Corrina for posting about how she felt in this horrific situation, which was very positive, considering, telling her she was only trying to drum up pity, and spread family secrets, that she knew were already public info, and all over the news.
  • I went to great lengths to make sure the girls pets, two small dogs and two cats, could remain with the girls...Along with having to take care of my one large dog. Now, Paul has indicated that he wants to get rid of them. He won't even bring them to me so I can foster them until the kids can have them back.
  • Even if I am not the best choice as full time guardian, I am still a trusted family friend who loves these girls, and I am concerned with their well being. I risked my life to get the kids out of this abusive situation, and now I am being prevented from speaking to them, or having any contact. It is poor foster parenting to sever healthy relationships with trustworthy adult friends, especially when you replace them with sketchy people like Ray Benson, one of Chrissy's drug suppliers, who seems to be going out of his way in an unnatural way to get close to the girls. While I was Guardian, I never allowed him to be alone with either of the girls, even though he seemed to be constantly vying to make it happen. I wouldn't have let him get as close as he did, but he helped us move, and claimed to be a former social worker with a daughter who just started working for DCF. Please check these facts.
  • I understand through Corrina, that although Brandi and Paul are not "slobbering drunks" they drink often, and a lot.
  • I smoke weed occasionally, and did so with Chrissy so as not to "blow my cover" while getting evidence for the State Police. It also enabled me to find out who she was getting it from, and what kind of people were around the girls. I've gone years at a time without touching the stuff, and would gladly set it aside again if it disqualified me from being their guardian. I seldom drink alcohol, and never have more than two drinks at a time. I've only been drunk twice in the last 22 years.
  • Chrissy tried to keep her pill use secret from me. I never participated in that. I was threatened in a serious way by one of her pill suppliers, Charlie Cabral, who later threatened to put a hit on me with the Hell's Angels, and make false grand theft accusations against me to the State Police. After I handled that problem, it made Chrissy suspicious that I might be recording her many confessions, and she threatened to kill me if I told on her. I had to smooth that over, and continued to gather info for the VSP for eight more months, while working to get the kids out of that Hell-hole.  
  • Concerning Charlie's side of the family: Remember, they are not blood related to Corrina. They play obvious favorites, and Chrissy and the girls are aware of this. I've witnessed it myself. They came all the way up from Mass, and only spent ten minutes visiting the girls.
  • The remainder of the time, about an hour, Tina, Charlie's sister, and her two children, Stephanie and George, spent screwing me to the wall. Tina, instead of thanking me for risking my ass to protect her niece and get justice for her brother, she accused me of having something to do with the murder, of trying to get my hands on the insurance settlement, of being one of Chrissy’s many sex-buddies, said the apartment that I set up, clean as a whistle was a "dump" and said she would kill Chrissy as soon as she got out of jail, if she ever did.
  • The only way these relatives, Charlies side, are taking care of the girls are if they go to Massachusetts. They wouldn't split up the sisters, but would be "tolerating" Corrina in order to keep Cat.
  • Brandi and Paul who live together in MA, would prefer to take the girls out of Vermont and away from their friends, school, church, etc. I along with Corrina had to put a lot of pressure on them to get Paul to leave Brandi with the apartment in MA, and relocate here to VT if he wanted to be guardian. I'm sure he is going to want to return to MA, with the girls, first chance he gets...Wouldn't that make it difficult to work the case between two different state agencies?
  • When praying with Cat, she asked God that her mom's time in jail help her "clear her conscience" so that she could get well and be healthy when she finally came home. I couldn't have said it better myself, and told Chrissy that it would be good for her soul, and it was the right thing to do to turn herself in. She knew I would see to it that the girls would be well taken care of.
  • Once she found out I was the informant that got her busted, she freaked out, and now from behind bars, she is going against the best plan, one she proposed and the girls agreed to, and trying to out me from her daughters' lives. She is teaching them that you should hate someone who doesn't help you get away with first degree murder. What are we, in the Mafia? Thankfully the girls don't seem to be buying into this line of thinking. Corrina is well aware of my role in bringing her mother to justice, and told me that I did the right thing.
  • I asked Corrina, during a time when she was still very angry, what she though would be a fair punishment for her mother...She said "I'm not going to lie, I believe in the death penalty" Ironically, Chrissy told me the same thing during one of her confessions. I told Corrina that I could not have turned her mother in if there was capital punishment in Vermont. This experience has changed my opinion on the death penalty, and I communicated that to Corrina. I tried to allow Corrina to be angry, yet reminded her about the goodness of forgiveness, at least to some degree. The violence myself and these young people have been steeped in is sickening, and the cycle needs to stop, now!

That's it. Here is the correspondence between one of Chrissy's drug suppliers and myself. Please excuse the language, it was Hank using his wife’s account

Heather Rathburn

  • July 1
  • Heather Rathburn
    • Dude ...... I pray you remember me ...... JUST ONE QUESTION AND PLEASE' DON'T BE ONE OF THOSE GUYS WHO SAY IT'S NOBODYS BUSINESS' ... " are the minor children of Charlie and Chrissy Billis staying or being kept with you ? Please reply , yes , lots of stuff going on man , a family in total dissaray and I"m certain there are family members in need of some answers and certainly information regarding the whereabouts of the children . We send prayers in hopes they are well .hank
  • July 1
  • Kevin Leland
    • Yes Hank, of course I remember you. Do you remember me? Do you not remember we had a certain problem? Anyone who is truly concerned has every right toget information. I have a hard time believing you are truly concerned,because you are a man who has left his own beautiful children and sweetheart of a wife high and dry, many times, including for three or four days after I met you. You should be concerned for your own family. You should hold that together at all costs. Value it man. Okay, lecture over.

    • The girls are doing really, really well. They are in good hands. I'll guard them with my life, until they are placed in a permanent situation, and after, if that ends up being with me. They need clothes, and some other necessities. I've got some money, but not a lot...How 'bout my $50 bucks next time I see you? It would help, and as soon as you pay me, I'll take you off my shit list. Thanks for your concern, I hope it's genuine. -Kevin
  • Saturday
  • Heather Rathburn
    • Lecture me ..... Wow , you know nothing of me nor my family and my life conserns you in no fucking way whatsoever . I could be your worst fucking nightmare asshole , your a fucking online whore so keep your fucking upinions in your head , you fucking hear me. Motherfucker , I smell a lowfuckinglife pedaphile and by you doing what you do and the choice of your fucking words show such so I'd personaly keep me on your fucked up list bitch. yup , You'd better watch where you fucking step due to I think your the next mistake in that familys life , for God's sake , ain't you fucking done enough allready , now your telling me such things about the girls and you , woah , think about what you'said and done thus far...... Yes, your actions speek pedaphile. No need in writing back , I got what I needed to hear and it's exactly what we all expected to hear , you'r not the only one we're conserned about regarding the girls , you've someone else outside the family vie'ing for those minors you've in possesion . Stay the fuck away from my home , my family and boss , it's eggshell's around me , take heed , I will take action against you in a heartbeat , that's after I protect what's mine !
  • Sunday
  • Kevin Leland
    • I know a lot more about you then you know about me, douche bag. The last person to threaten me is facing a long time in prison. The person before that ended up in a heap on the floor. Don't threaten me. I will hurt you. Pedophile? No, never. Corrina and Cat are extremely intelligent, have known me well for about a year, and are at an age where they could tell if I was some kind of pervert. What you smell is your own shit because you have your head up your ass. Call me a pedophile to my face and you're going to end up with my boot in your ass too. But I'm sure that will never happen, because you are a pussy. You proved it when you let your wife deal with the conflict you caused, while you hid in the house like a coward. You, like a lot of other people, want to comment on the situation without knowing a fraction of the facts. Shut the fuck up. Stop selling drugs. Take care of your family. Mind your own business, and get a life you piece of shit. Stay far away from me, or you are going to end up behind bars or in a heap. Is that clear?
  • Sunday
  • Kevin Leland
    • Ooops...I just reread your last message. Who is the "other person outside the family" that concerns you? Ray Benson? See, this is where if you didn't come off like a dickhead, you could actually be a help to the girls in this situation. You are right to be concerned about him, even if you are way off about me. I wouldn't call Ray a pedophile, but he is a bit of a screwball. Corrina doesn't get a good vibe from him, and that's all I need to know. He isn't going to get close to the girls. He's only been on the scene for a couple months, and is totally sketching me out too at this point. He has already been told to keep his nose out of it from now on. I don't think he is a bad guy, and he has given a hell of a lot more real help than anyone else has. But he is stoned stupid, and is all over the map, so is officially out of the loop at this point. Don't worry about him. Stay out of this too,
    • you are nobody.


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  8. The plea deal came after doubts were raised about Leland's credibility. He was caught at the border with a gun and drugs. And there was speculation he was trying to financially benefit from blogging about the Christine Billis case.

  9. Gun: True. I live in Vermont because it's citizens are trusted to carry a weapon. I declared it at the border. Drugs: True. I was charged and plead guilty to misdemeanor possession of a narcotic. Financial benefit: True. So far I've made $80 for the deposition I gave and $3.58 cents on all the traffic these posts have generated. As soon as I make another $2.00 I'll be completely reimbursed for the digital recorder I bought to record her confessions.


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