Project Exodus: Salvage Your Content Farm Work

This is my (too long to post in comments) response to the comments graciously left on my piece titled:

The Death of Content Farms like Ezine Articles and Factoidz

Hello! I want to apologize for such a late response to all my commenters!

Thank you for reading this expose, and I appreciate the compliments!

There was a glitch in my notifications that I just picked up on. Probably because this was originally posted at Factoidz (another mistake, I should have posted it here first!) -Live and learn...

No one should consider themselves "dummies" just because we are not as smart as Google. Plus, Google’s “smarts” are trade secrets, fiercely protected. If they don’t keep their trade secrets, then they know money-grubbers, like the founders of content farms will game them. The problem with Online Business is a person like Chris Knight or Mike Quoc, who knows just a little more than we do, convince us into joining them on their mission to game Google, without even knowing we are doing it.

Thanks D, for remembering that I actually did predict the recent change (Panda/Farmer) in Google’s algorithms that have caused the almost overnight crash in the rankings and cash flow of these content farms. I posted that on Factoidz about two years ago. Back then I truly believed in Factoidz. I thought they were in line with Google, and really wanted to provide quality content as they shared the revenue fairly with those who produced that quality content.

Then, Mike changed his (originally plagiarized) TOS and pay out system so many times, it got crazy. Then he flat out started ripping people off. Then he started with these hokey “product reviews”, paid link building -and now it’s all over for him. However, he made a shitload of money!

I have a plan. Myself and a core team of others are building something from the ground up, that is going to be everything I was hoping Factoidz would be. I kept a few tools in my box, and didn’t give Mike ALL my help. In light of some of the changes that I predicted, and happened, I am confident that I have a vision and a feasible plan for all of us hard working content producers to rise up out of the ashes of these content farms, and not only enjoy great success...But the best part: All of our hard work to this day for these content farms...Will NOT go to waste! Consider that work as planting “content seeds” that grew into seedlings (on these content farms) that now need to be transplanted and cultivated into a crop that is going to produce fruit -indefinitely!

We are calling this “Project Exodus.” Anyone willing to join us is more than welcome. We still have a few slots available for those, like myself, who can devote full time work to setting this up. Wanna be on the Masthead? Either way, if you are just looking to do what you were hoping to do on these content farms, get paid a decent wage (we consider .03 per word minimum fair) to produce quality content, and show off your talent and smarts...Join us! You need to be willing to take Internet content production to the next level. There is somewhat of a steep “learning curve.” There is a writing application that you would need to master, that is key to the success of this project. You would need to learn about SEO, and especially the difference between Black Hat and White Hat methods of link building and search engine optimization. We are going to be “white hat” i.e., we will work with Google’s vision to provide their search engine users with a positive experience. We don’t try to get over on them! Once we prove to Google that we are on their side, I expect they will adjust to support us, instead of changing things like they recently did to shake off the parasites that leeched off them.

I know this post sounds like I’m recruiting...We plan to do just that, however, I’m a little self conscious about our sites right now...They are a mess, an organized mess with a focused direction, but maybe still just messy enough to scare away good talent! See, that’s what attracted me to Factoidz in the first place: they were crisp and clean and organized right at the start. So, with that in mind, I’d still like to hear if you are interested -but you’ve been warned! I will wait a bit longer before starting the official “Project Exodus” recruitment campaign. In other words, look into it, but hold off on telling your friends just yet!

Go to: “Bangari Content Gallery get paid well for your talent” and fill out an application. Give us a little time, but one of us will get back to you. We have got about $5,000 in paid work to date, selling articles for .04 per word, paying the content producers .03. We worked these contracts a bit outside of our business model, but we needed the money! LOL ...The work I’m pursuing now will be more in line with what we are planning for our long term operations. However, it will still pay a minimum of .03 per word. or $30 for a photo, cuz as they say, a picture is worth 1000 words! Photographers, videographers and writers wanted!

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